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Call Center Services for the
US English & Spanish Markets

Hispanic Call Centers is an exciting call center concept with a no-nonsense
management style and a cutting-edge call center, Internet and Direct marketing
paradigm. Hispanic Call Centers specializes in providing high-value Call Center,
Internet, Direct Marketing and Data services to clients whose focus is the
US English, Latin or Spanish Marketing Segments.

Hispanic Call Centers provides…

Affordable Spanish, Latin & English Call Center Services, Teleservices, Telemarketing, Internet Marketing, Direct Marketing, List & Database services in the following formats:

  • Survey work  English & Spanish call center to survey customers concerning their opinions and buying preferences.
  • Lead generation  Generate sales leads for your business in English as well as in Spanish using an experienced call center.
  • Inbound Customer Care  Bilingual, English and Spanish call centers provide complete coverage for customer service & help desk segments.
  • Order taking & order processing Using bilingual call centers, in Spanish & English increases telephone order taking and order processing results.
  • Direct Marketing – Bilingual contact center services in Spanish & English empower companies to receive calls from direct marketing pieces, pre-qualify and transfer qualified callers to internal sales center.
  • Data collection & Data processing Data collections & data processing by English & Spanish call centre provides accuracy & efficiency.
  • Market Research – Call center Spanish & English market research achieves the best results.
  • Internet Marketing & lead generation Easily generate Spanish & English leads via the Internet and follow-up with a Spanish & English bilingual call center.
  • Databases & Marketing lists  Spanish & English data & marketing data for bilingual lead generation and sales acquisition.
  • Collections Collections are conducted by Spanish & English call agents versed in modern collection procedures.
  • E mail blasts & list management   Large email lists help target market  segments, Latinos, Espanola, Spanish, English in the US & Canada.

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Hispanic Call Centers

We are celebrating more than 15 years servicing the English and US Espanol/Spanish language markets and would be happy to help you deploy any project with this specialized focus.

Immediate Help

  • Expert Consultation and Needs Analysis
  • A no-nonsense Attitude that gets Your Campaign up and running Fast
  • Service Expertise that equates to Quality Results
  • The Best Prices in the Industry.
  • The best Spanish and English lists in the industry!

220 North Zapata Highway #11
Suite 862-A
Laredo, Texas 78043-4464
United States

U.S. Toll Free: 1-866-904-6927
International: +1-956-857-3191

We hate to beat around the bush & waste your time!
So here are the responses to the most common questions we receive:

1. Do you do Outbound sales programs? Yes, we are efficient at outbound sales programs in Spanish and English. We generally work on a pay-per-hour or hybrid pay-per-hour plus a commission format. We will consider pay-per-performance only after a pilot period.

2. Can you handle Inbound calls? We can provide Spanish and English customer service and order-taking with dedicated agents or a pay-per-call format. Generally we require some evidence of the past traffic patterns of calls, and a weekly minimum of 1000 minutes and set-up cost will apply to all new programs.

3. Can you do lead generation? We can create scalable lead gen programs in almost any vertical from cold calls, as well as data sources like the Internet, mobile and social media. If you dont have data, we can help there as well. Leads delivered in electronic format with audio attached or callers can be transferred directly to your own staff..

4. How does pricing compare in call center services? In call center services we are 50% cheaper than similar services provided from Canada and the US. We are typically 10 – 20% cheaper than other centers in Latin America. We write clear concise contracts and focus on getting you the results you require.

5. How about Spanish and English data? We have a large inventory of lists for dialing, sales prospecting, e mail blasts and direct mailings to US residents, Hispanics, Mexicans, Businesses, Executives, Diabetes, Educational, Pharmacy ailments / prescription, Mortgage, Auto owners, new connects, new movers, Doctors, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Dentists, Nurses etc. Contact us for quotes.Nurses etc.

6. What other Direct marketing services can you provide? Double optin e mail blasts, inserts in newspapers, general mailings, door hanger in select geos etc. We can help in producing your creative materials and provide delivery to the target audience. We can also pick up they call. Promotions can be focused upon the Hispanic or Latino market, or aimed at other markets like Blacks, Asians, Baby Boomers. Talk to us to learn more.

7. How about social media, are you involved in this new area? We are very interested in social media, we launched one of the pioneer social media divisions in Spanish focused on helping Spanish businesses take advantage of the benefits of this growing trend. We have also an alliance with one of the premier software services for monitoring and managing social media events.

8. How about centers located in Asia or India that offer Spanish or bilingual call center services, are they any good? Ha!

Many market professionals recognize

that providing an integrated product and service packages frequently requires direct marketing, promotion, fulfillment, Direct response TV, call and Internet contact service, print ads, and specialized databases that are not readily available in the Hispanic Market today. Hispanic Call Centers can help you fulfill these requirements — in Spanish or English.


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