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Call Center Collections Services

Each customer contact is an opportunity to build and strengthen that relationship. A well-handled complaint can become a positive customer experience, a sale or a valuable update to your client database. Effective customer care can decrease your reliance on acquisition and grows your business in a more efficient fashion.

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Hispanic Call Center’s collection department is committed to the highest ethical standards and driven by the desire to successfully recover the highest percentage of your company’s accounts receivable and bad debt. Our team offers a wide-range of prompt, professional accounts receivable collection and bad debt collection programs specifically designed to fit your company’s needs. We are an intelligent alternative for your company’s need for bad debt collection, clearing backlogged receivables, improving cash flow and liquidity while enhancing your profitability. Our agents are highly-trained in commercial and consumer third-party collections, with an excellent track record of results. We are large enough to offer competitive rates and also small enough to provide your accounts with consistent, knowledgeable and expert attention.

US English and Hispanic Market

Hispanic Call Centers provides Spanish and English Call center, Internet Marketing and Database services:

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