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Customer Care Outsourcing in Portland, Oregon

Portland businesses often utilize call centers to handle customer care. One pain point in finding a call center for your business is finding one that offers multiple languages. Very often, Portland companies are in need of Spanish speaking call centers. It is important to provide customer care in multiple languages.

Hispanic Call Centers allows businesses in Portland to provide top quality customer care in both English and Spanish. Businesses that can provide care in multiple languages will give customers greater levels of satisfaction and loyalty. Here is a look at our Customer Care Services and how we go above and beyond with additional services.

Customer Care Outsourcing

It is critical for businesses to find a customer care solution that provides services in multiple languages. Hispanic Call Centers focuses on servicing businesses throughout North America, that’s why we provide callers in Spanish and English. We believe it is important to give customers solutions that they will understand quickly and effectively.

We take customer care very seriously because it plays an important role in customer loyalty. When customers call in with a complaint, this is our opportunity to turn their call into a positive experience or even a sale. Our role is to satisfy customers and provide them with an experience they enjoy. In return, they appreciate your business and become loyal to your products and services.

We make it easy to handle a variety of tasks to address customer questions. Our call centers can address billing questions, handle complaint and issue resolution, and submit requests for maintenance support. When a customer calls, we can provide them with an excellent experience that answers any question they may have.

Call Center Services in Portland, Oregon

No matter your size or industry, Portland businesses will go beyond customer’s expectations of customer care. Your company also has access to a wide variety of services that will benefit your business. Here is a short look at some of the services that are available to grow your Portland business:

  • Lead Generation: Businesses that rely on leads to grow their sales during the lead can take advantage of lead generation. We will provide your sales team with more leads to sell your products and services.
  • Market Research: Understanding the demographics of customers who are more interested in your products and services is a powerful tool. We can provide you with research to target an effective audience.
  • Internet Marketing: Businesses need an online presence. With Internet Marketing, we can grow your reach online and make it easier for customers to find your website.

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If your Portland business is ready to provide customer care in Spanish and English, it’s time to speak with Hispanic Call Centers. We strive to provide businesses with the highest quality service through our customer care. If you’d like customer care outsourcing services, please contact us here or give us a call at 866-904-6927!