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Portland Lead Generation Companies

Portland, Oregon has a diverse economy and many companies in Portland require a lead generation company to properly grow their business. Finding the best lead generation company can be a chore, but once you have chosen the right one for your business, you will surely see more leads close as they make their way through the sales pipeline.

At Hispanic Call Centers, we do more than simply telemarketing and other call center services. Lead generation is one of our most sought after service. Before you contact us about our services, let us fill you in on the importance of lead generation in Portland and our other high-quality services.

Lead Generation in Portland

Due to the city’s diverse economy, a number of companies in Portland rely on lead generation companies to help drive more sales. It should be noted, however, that not all lead generation companies provide the same quality services. With improvements to the internet, lead generation has never been so inexpensive and effective as it is now. Some industries in Portland that can benefit from our lead generation service can be found below.

  • Technology: Portland became one of the nation’s largest technology centers in the mid-1990s. Companies like Intel made the city a haven for technology, and smaller companies quickly grew. Many of these companies rely on lead generation to succeed, making it a sought after service in Portland.
  • Athletic Manufacturers: Seeing as Nike is headquartered just outside of Portland, it should be no surprise that many other athletic manufacturers have design studios in or around the city. These companies also rely on lead generation, though not nearly to the extent as technology companies.
  • Marine Docks: Portland is also home to one of the nation’s largest and most used commercial dry docks. In fact, Portland is the United States’ largest shipper of wheat. While these companies don’t rely on leads as much as the other industries mentioned above, companies associated with them often do.

Hispanic Call Centers’ Services

While we offer lead generation for companies in Portland, that’s not the extent of our services. We offer a wide array of services that can benefit companies in Portland. Some of our high-quality services are detailed below for your convenience.

  • Inbound Customer Care: Nearly every company can benefit from inbound customer care services. With this, we can set you up with a call center to receive inbound customer support calls.
  • Market Research: If your company is trying to branch out into new regions, market research is essential to determine where your business will thrive.
  • Telemarketing: While it has a bad reputation, telemarketing and telesales are essential for a number of businesses in Portland. At Hispanic Call Centers, we can connect you with a Spanish, English, or bilingual call center to help your company grow.

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