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Lead Generation, Lists & Databases…

Hispanic Call Centers offers a series of lead generation and data purchase options.

Please send us your campaign or data requirements and we will return a proposal that includes the characteristics and pricing of the data we believe will work best for your campaign.

For more information –

1.  Data lists that focus on the precise target market requirement. Data can be sorted to include filters like geography, married or single, age, gender, presence of credit cards, ethnic origins, illnesses, prescription drug usage, lifestyle habits, etc

  • Hispanics in the United States
  • Mexicans in the United States
  • Also – data for Mexico – send requirements.
  • Diabetes data
  • Education feeds
  • Business files – can include Hispanic Businesses
  • Pharmacy data –  by ailment and by prescription
  • Mortgage data – including weekly hotline
  • Auto owners – make model year
  • Bankruptcy data – including amounts
  • New business connects – businesses that have just opened
  • New consumer movers – just arrived at their new home
  • Doctors, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Dentists, Nurses, Pilots & other occupations
  • Government agencies
  • General residential files including responders
  • Truck fleet operators

2.  Internet generated data that focuses on the precise target markets and is obtained through creative marketing campaigns that may include:

  • Site co-registration,
  • Specialized landing pages,
  • Banners and Contextual ads,
  • Ad word purchases
  • Integration with Social networks
  • Search engine optimization techniques.

3.  Direct transfers and email alerts from call center lead generation and survey efforts.

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